December 2016 Ipsy Bag Review

Hi all!

So first review is up .. yay slowly but surely.. house has been destroyed and sewing room is inaccessible… between getting new laundry machines and Christmas being stored in the room I can’t get into take a picture of the project I was working on so figured I could do this!

I just started Ipsy  this month and figured I’d do a review on my first bag.

Ipsy is a subscription bag for make up items. 4-5 deluxe samples a month with an awesome little bag that goes with it. I have to admit I love the individual bags they offer every month… fills the purse void … trying to keep my purse purchases down (or until I master a good pattern) so why not get cute bags right?!

So the low down of the bags, you get charged the beginning of the Month for the bag, $10USD/month plus 4.95USD shipping… Canadian dollars it works out around $20 a month  (inc. shipping) depending on exchange rate.

When you subscribe to Ipsy you do a little quiz/survey to help tailor what you get to you, best of all you can go back and tweak it anytime. (Especially if you colour your hair as much as I do ).

Onto the fun stuff now!

First off the bag, this month was festive, a small pinky clutch with a faux short fur is super soft. Definitely will be used!


Hikari Cosmetics Felt Tip Liquid Eyeliner in Iris;

I like the colour its wasn’t a smack you in the face purple, and worked awesome once I img_6829opened it. It has gotten a little temperamental since I opened it needing to be checked on the back on the hand before using it on the eyeliner.It does a good job once you get the hang of this style of liner.  I wouldn’t go out and purchase another tho, between the grumpy liner and the tip , I like my liquids and pencils better. Definitely think this product was a meh.

NYX Professional Makeup Prismatic Shadow in Fireball

Fireball is described on the Ipsy site as a hot reddish-rose shade. It is super pigmented andimg_6835 creamy. I absolutely adore it! I just have to get better at my blending cause it will go deep if you apply with a heavy hand. It will last a very long time with not having to pick up much of the colour.It’s been my go to for going out right now. LOVE IT!




Jersey Shore Cosmetics Peppermint Moisture Rich Hydrating Balm

This one was a whole family hit, from my little two who just love the tingle of the balm img_6828and smell on their lips two the big two in the house who just love how hydrating it is! It tingles with the peppermint and the scent is delightful and not to strong. I have scent sensitivities to certain things and this didn’t cause any adverse effects. I use it every day morning , night or whenever im at my desk… I’ve had to hide it so the kidlets don’t ask for it constantly… but nothings cuter then your 18 month old pursing his lips and pointing to the balm. I just now have to find where i can purchase this in Canada. If you can find it its a definite try it out, lips have never been so happy!

Ciate London Liquid Velvet Matte Liquid Lipstick in Pin Up

I really like the colour they sent for this lipstick, reminds me of a deep berry, and it just


glides on. I don’t have a lot of experience; yet; with liquid lipstick and its was super easy to put on without too much mess… you know the mess that you keep trying to outline the lips and next thing you know you’re pretty sure you have made you lips so large they’re reminiscent of a clowns lips.



tarte Cosmetics Maracuja Oil

Now this has become my favorite product so far! I start3ed using this, I have acne prone, extremelyimg_6827 dry skin (really bad in winter) that has a tendency to break out at anything on my skin if it feels like it. I’ve been using this product for about 3 weeks and its done wonders. My face doesnt just feel like a scaly itchy beast, pne that is  waiting to cake up any make up i might want to put on. I find i dont have to put on any other moisturizer and its been awesome… I’m really going to have to pick up some more of this stuff!


So far for the first month of Ipsy, I’m loving the selection of products and the cost.




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  1. The lipstick looks divine! *-*


    1. It really is, its like an earthy brick colour once dried.

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