BoxyCharm December 2016 and January 2017

That Moment when you load a post up and for some reason doesn’t let you flip… but you know what its one of those weeks. I know you have them too so I’m just going to let this little picture fly its uniqueness and just let it be.

So this month you get a double review! When I ordered BoxyCharm, I didn’t think they had December boxes left. I had ordered it on the 20th, and got charged the same day. Which Apparently Means they have them left! Bonus and a surprise for me.

I got the two boxes a week a part, takes about 15 days from money taken to then it lands on your door. Company said they will send out tracking numbers, and both boxes I never received anything. So I was just hoping I would get this. I did try contacting their Customer Service through email and social media with no response at all. They don’t have a number to call and I have seen a few people with the same issue that I had. I’m giving the benefit of the doubt it was during Christmas and New Years who knew what was happening in the office and if anyone was actually there.

So the knitty gritty before I go into the fun stuff!

Cost is $21 USD plus shipping to Canada of $5USD

Now onto the main event, the reason you clicked… THE BOXES!

December 2016 Box Theme: Make Up on Pointe


First up is:

OFRA Metallic Liquid Lipstick (Full Size) Valued at: $19.90USD

I wasn’t sure of the colour til I put it on and its gorgeous! For some reason I’m loving the ppetmpduppurple shades on my lips. It just glided on without a care in the world. Didn’t feel heavy or sticky what so ever. I occasional forgot I was wearing it. Occasionally remembering after kissing my little mans forehead leaving him with a mommy stamp.  I want to try move of their shades.



IBY Beauty Eye Liner (Full Size) Valued at: $14 USD

This was in black and super easy to work with. Its been a long time since I used a pencil img_7020liner and I found this really easy. Love the formulation and the glide this pencil gives you. It does say it is Water Resistant. Just wish it didn’t require sharpening. Definitely a buy again when I run low and can find a place up here that sells it. ( I’ll put an update in here if I find out where)





Beauty For Real Lip Revival Scrub (Full Size) Valued at: $14 USD

This scrub uses raw sugar cane, with orange, vanilla and cinnamon bark essential oils. I img_7024should have read the card I could have sworn it was cloves. Not my favorite scent in the world but it’s not going to waste. I have left it in the bathroom for my hubby to use, he likes the scent and doesn’t mind the odd scrub of his lips. It is definitely hydrating and super nice to use, leaving lips so soft and happy.



Butter London Nail Lacquer (Full Size) Valued at: $15 USD


This I think was my least favorite product in the box, and I love nail polish. I just couldn’t seem not to get it to stop streaking. The colour is a cranberry and beautiful. I think I used about 4 layers to get it to the coverage I like. Tho to be fair I use more cream based nail polish or gel. I love colour payoff and it just wasn’t doing it for me.

Anyone have any tips on lacquer applying let me know!

Now for the big ticket item for this box….

Pure Cosmetics Eyeshadow Palette (Full Size) Valued at: $50 USD

img_7026Looking at a few other Youtubers and Bloggers I was seeing this was being compared to the Naked 3 Palette but I don’t own that one so I can’t tell you If I think the same way.

It does come with a double ended brush that’s super soft and is very easy to work with. At first touch seems there was a lot of loose powder which worried me a bit I’m not the cleanest eyeshadow applier in the world. Just wetting the brush slightly helped a bunch and its been perfectly usable. It may have been that first initial use that cause the product to dust up a bit, doesn’t seem to be doing more than a normal eyeshadow would now. I haven’t really gotten my brush wet since; unless I want to get a real big hit of colour. Absolutely love the shades in this, even the shimmer shades I seem to get away with on my not so much make up days.

img_7032This palette has 12 shades, from lightest to darkest: (See picture for swatches… not the best and the lightest shades barely registered on my skin)

Quartz, Sahara, Mesa, Dune, Mojave, Sandstone, Clay, Canyon, Desert, Dust, Barren Mirage

I think my favorite shades are Sahara, Mojave and Dust.. so pretty!



January 2017 Box Theme :And the Award Goes To


This month was an AWESOME box!

Oscar Blandi Pronto Dry Shampoo Spray (Full Size) Valued at: $23 USD

This dry shampoo was pretty OK. I know that sounds horrible but I’m not really use to dry img_7111shampoo, and the ones I’ve tried have left my hair feeling course. This once didn’t do that. It was a citrus style of scent. Which wasn’t too bad but it still made me cough a bit once things settled down.  The hair itself felt less greasy except for my roots they definitely still had some issues with the greasy look, but I  prefer that occasionally. I have a lot of hair, and its thinks anything that gives it more volume and texture make me feel like I should be back in the 80’s and early 90’s with my hair crimped and teased.

I wouldn’t go out of my way once this bottle is done to find it, but ill definitely use it up. Still trying to find that dry shampoo for me.


Purlisse Daily Lip Nourisher (Full Size) Valued at: $16 USD

img_7112This nourisher contains Mango, Shea Butter, Jojoba, Rice Bran oils and Vitamin E. I wasn’t too impressed with this; definitely do not get it in your mouth where you have to taste it, nasty, I can’t seem to smell any mango or any real scent in the tube.

It honestly feels greasy on the lips. definitely would not pay $16 for it and the tub itself doesn’t even feel full… not to impressed at all. img_7118

Crown Deluxe Soft Fan Brush (Full Size) Values at: $12.99

img_7113This is a beautifully soft brush. Easy to work with and picks up colour well, super light. Kinda makes me want to get more of the brushes in the set.  img_7119

Now the next two products made the box for me

PUR Mineral Glow Bronzer (Full Size) Valued at: $25 USD

I did find this at Shoppers while I was there this week and I believe in CAD it was like $33… and definitely will be going there for more of PUR products I was looking at!

Super pigmented but just blended into my skin and looked so natural. I would take a picture of the swatch but can’t really see it when I tried. It’s just smooth and creamy. I think I’ve used this most of the week, Normally use Benefit Hoola which I adore but this is tied I think LOVE IT!

Vintage Highlighter Double: Chocolate Diamond & Rose Quartz (Full Size)

Valued at: $35USD


These were just stunning, either together or separate, both just give that delicate balance and shimmer/glow.

It’s not kapow in your face, it’s just that classy little peek a boo that makes you wonder.

Definitely a LOVE!



Well that all for this months double whammy, next month will be just the single box.

Give us a shout if you’re curious about a product, any other questions need help finding it or just want to say hi!

Until Next Time!



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