Foundation February Has Begun!

So to start off out #makeupmondays on here we decided to go with foundations. One of the fundamentals of any look.

This month we’re going to have a look at foundations, and how to pick one. Maybe a review of one or two we’ve tried.

So lets being!

We all need to decide what type of coverage we are looking for. Personally I have a sheer BB cream for days I just want to slap on and go and not worry about looking put together. You all know those days! Picking up the kids and you’re just coming straight home just running out for groceries or take out, those boiling hot summer days you want to look a bit even without the weight of a full coverage.

In my make up drawer I also have a full coverage, and a mineral powder that’s roughly a medium to full coverage.  If you’re not completely sure of the levels of coverage that you can purchase, we’ve got your back.

Lets give you a run down:

Sheer: covering the least coverage and almost transparent. This is the most natural look, it can minimize any discoloration you may have to the rest of your skin tone.

Light: this can even out unevenness and slight blotchiness, but if your looking to cover anything like freckles and beauty marks, this wont do that for you.

Medium: will mostly cover freckles, discolorations red marks etc. Gives you a more evened out complexion to work with.

Full: this is the whole shabang! Will cover everything from freckles up to birthmarks, scars and hyper-pigmentation. This is what most beauty gurus use to get the flawless look, atleast everyone I’ve seen and watched.

So now that we have the basics on coverage lets head over how you put the stuff on.

Using your fingers will give you a more natural look, they help the product meld with your skin using your own body heat as an aid, usually easiest for the sheer foundations, the move coverage you want it isn’t recommended, as you may not be able to blend as well. Streaks may occur.

Then there’s the sponge and the brush application and this comes down to your own preference and comfort level I find. Depending on my mood and the product I use will determine how I use these. Some days I put on with a sponge others a mix of sponge and brush and other days just the brush.

Type of foundations you may find include:

Tinted Moisturizer

Mousse/Whipped Foundation

BB Cream

CC Cream

Stick Foundations


Mineral Foundation


There are so many foundations out there now that you have alot of choice. Depending on your skin, whether you want Sunscreen or not, powder  or liquid. There are endless possibilities. As well for any prices range.






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