Finding Your Body Shape

Before you decide on any clothes, you should know a body shape. First you need to figure out what approximate shape your body is. There are general shape guidelines you can use, a good calculator I have found is located on where you can insert your specific measurements and it will help guide you to your rough shape. This is handy since then you can get a beginning guide of styles that may flatter you.

In this post we’re going to focus on four main types, and with anything no one is the same you may fit more into one and still fit into another. I’m like that I’m mostly hourglass but fluctuate with my waist. Like everyone I have issues with my body and either gaining weight, loosing weight or staying put on one side. I have struggled with my weight and still struggle.

  1. Straight or Rectangle Body
  2. Pear or Triangle
  3. Apple or Circle
  4. Hourglass or Figure 8

There’s so many shapes out there it is impossible to look at them all in one post so I have focused on the most common.

*Straight – This is where all your measurements equal, bust waist and hips. The waist is typically not well defined. Waist is usually less then 9inches(23cm)smaller then both bust and hips.

*Pear – This shape hips are larger then your bust.

*Apple – This shape your bust is larger then your hips. Your hips and legs are smaller and slim while your bust and waist area is larger.

*Hourglass – This shape bust and hips are approximately the same size but your wait is smaller, defining your shape.

Now onto the stuff you came here for a few tips to start highlighting your figures and letting your clothes work for you! You are beautiful and so is your body so make it work for you!

*Straight – HIGHLIGHT THE WAIST! Shirts with ruffles around your bust will make your bust look a bit bigger giving you the illusion of a few curves. Side cut out dresses will almost help taper in your waist and flair out your hips. Patterns and fabrics that don’t just vertical will give your curves a bit move movement.

*Pear – HIGHLIGHT THE BUST! Your goal should be emphasizing your bust and  slightly elongating your figure. Fit and flare dresses would be fun for you, taking the attention off your bottom half highlighting your smaller waist and drawing attention to the top( make it off the shoulder if you want a little sass!) Aline skirts, boot cut jeans and embellished tops can also help balance out your proportions.

*Apple -HIGHLIGHT THOSE SHOULDERS AND LEGS! Let them work for you. Flowy tops that don’t snug closely to your form will help with the soft lines, add a high waist circle skirt to help give you and allusion of a tapered waist and slightly larger hips. Shift dresses will help even out your frame flattering your figure. Show off your legs, shorter can work well for you, but if your not comfortable with that try low waist pants with a  straighter leg.  A lower waist will help with any stomach bulge you may be dealing with.

*Hourglass – HIGHLIGHT THOSE CURVES! Don’t hide behind them, emphasize your waist. use belts to draw peoples eyes to following your curves and making the lines flow. Crop type tops, wrap dresses, pencil skirts and belted wide leg pants can all work well into creating the soft and flowing lines you want. The belts and ties, prints and cuts of fabric that taper to the waist or flare out from the waist will help the movement of your clothes.

Hope this give you a little help out while trying to find what will help you and your closet!




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