Foundation February BB Cream Review

So this Monday we’ll be reviewing the Maybelline dream BB Fresh.

Its a 8 in 1 Beauty Balm, states on the back it will:

  1. Blur Imperfections
  2. Enhances
  3. Brightens
  4. Complements Skintone
  5. Smoothes
  6. Hydrates
  7. Freshens
  8. no Oils and other heavy ingredients

Shade I’m using: 100 Light Sheer Tint

Use: Apply a thin layer to the skin ( can be used with or without moisturizer)

Now for me personally I tend to avoid moisturizers for my face, as I still haven’t found one that my skin likes. (Any suggestions for sensitive acne’s prone skin let me know)

Oh course now that I’ve decided to write about foundations this month my skin decides to break out like it use to back in High School so its definitely been a fun month of foundation trying. I do know this product hasn’t broken out my skin as I had stopped it for a week to see and well those bad boys just seem to be gain momentum.

One of my new years goals was to get back into the habit of make up daily or almost daily from barely wearing it (atleast not foundation) for 4 years. Not really going anywhere but play dates; didn’t really feel the need to spruce up. I need to get back in and feel a bit more my old self again. So for those days I just want a light coverage where I’m just running out to pick up from preschool or running to Ikea for hot dogs when we just don’t want to cook. BB Cream is entering my routing.

All in all I am liking it, I do put a thin finishing powder over top right now to help hide some of the very evident acne. (Using the Covergirl Outlast All-Day Matte Finishing Powder right now and loving it).

It does give a very natural appearance, I feel like it just balances my skin tone. Definitely very sheer and if you’re having a bad skin day and dont want to use a powder I wouldn’t suggest this to be your go to.

It is very lightweight and comfortable to wear and I can foresee me using this alot in the summer.My skin tends not to dry out to badly with this either so that a win for me, specially in winter.

If you’re looking for a light feeling , sheer coverage foundation I would definitely recommend giving this one a try. I picked mine up in Shoppers Drug Mart for approx: $10.99, so on the range of price pretty reasonable.

In the picture half my face is done with the bb cream, it does have moisturizer under it, my face is drying of dryness today so figured it could make thing worse. Don’t mind the Blemishes, left hand side of the picture is with bb cream and right without. I will be posting a look done with bb cream on my Instagram this week with some of the new Boxycharm products I’ve received.




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