No Make No Life Subscription Debut Box February 2017

Nomakenolife is a new subscription box out of Japan. It retails for $29.99USD monthly with free shipping.

Each box contains 5 – 7 full sized beauty items from the categories of skin, body, make up, bath and tools.

I actually managed to get in on the debut box of theirs, I have to admit I was really excited. The sneak peaks I received over the month before it shipped really made me excited. They have a licensed in-house beauty consultant picking out the products which is awesome. It also helps each box comes with a little pamphlet booklet to tell you what the products are and how to use them. This is handy since I don’t speak or read Japanese

Now onto the box:

Sakura Facial Bar Soap

img_7448This bar soap is said to help with skin troubles and prevent dryness. It has a light fragrance which is very pleasant. For the longest time I’ve stayed away from bar soaps for my face cause they always felt like they left a layer of residue on my skin no matter how much I rinsed. My skin just does not do well with bar soap.

This soap was one of the better bars I’ve tried. It didn’t feel like too much residue was left on my skin, but still felt like my skin was dryer then it started off with and really tight with a hint that they may be residue left. I’m not giving up been trying different ways to cleanse, its refreshing til the skin is dried on my skin. Still haven’t found the best way to use this product.

Zawachin x Noyl Eyeshadow Palette

img_7447Each palette contains 12 colours and are very creamy with a bit of fallout. The Pans and palette  are fairly tiny. Still usable with brushes so that’s good. I just felt like a giant holding it.  I am loving the blue and purple shades in the palette. There is some really great pigment and when you wet it just a tad it creates another beautiful creature.







Puchi Animal Hand Cream

img_7451I received the honey scented hand cream which is very sweet in fragrance. I tend to be a bit sensitive to certain smells and this one doesn’t give me a migraine which is awesome. It comes in a little holder you can attach to you purse or backpack. Mine right now is on my diaper bag so I don’t forget it. The holder is reusable, so if you can find the same size of tube the use of it just keeps going!

I tend to be very picky with hand creams, if they leave greasy residue or don’t soak in immediately I can’t handle it. Putting it on, I find that it soaks in and nothing feels out of the ordinary which I love. Its so hard to find a good lotion that doesn’t take a while to soak in which means I cant touch anything for a bit while I’m constantly rubbing it in. My hands feel nice and soft afterward. I really like this lotion.

Dolly Wink Eyelash Glue

img_7449Now I’ve been wanting to try false eyelashes and the one pair I have in my collection, and of course after I bought them I got scared and have never used them… This will tell you how long I had them cause the glue had dried out. So this came in very handy… almost like they knew… also helps they added lashes into this box so they weren’t going to leave you empty handed.

Opening up it smelled a lot like Elmer glue, with it being glue I wasn’t to surprised. It states that it will help keep your lashes in place all day, sweat proof, water proof and tear proof; while being gentle on the skin. I did wear them for a good 4 hours without any problem testing out the glue. I was dealing with kids that day so I think it did a fairly good job,I took them off cause the the lashes themselves where taking some getting use to. Some days you know the kids bus driver and just looks at you like why are you wearing a full face of make up with sweatpants and a t shirt.

Sailor Moon False Eyelashes

img_7450This is one of my top two favorite products in the box. I grew up loving Sailor Moon, then felt like I had to grow up and leave it in kid/teenage me world. Shes my closed geek and I love her and I’ve finally got to the point where yes I love Sailor Moon and I’m allowed my geek to show its pretty little soul.

I received the Sailor Jupiter lashes, and the green will look awesome on my eyes. I’m just in the stage of do I open and use or do I keep it packaged and in my collection. This is the only problem I’m having. So as of this post I have not opened them but they are out where I can see them. They are very delicate looking not overly thick. The lash pack comes with a storing case. May be just maybe I’ll over them up and post it on Instagram. I just don’t know! LOL

Hello Kitty Sakura Facial Masks (pack of 8)

img_7452This is my other top product, and not because I like Hello Kitty but these masks are amazing. The masks contain Sakura extract, tea extract and hyaluronic acid, to help moisturize. They come in a resealable bag, once opened needs to be used in 60 days. I may or may not be sitting here with a mask on right now rocking out to music while I write this. I’m sure if my neighbors looked into my office window right now they’d think I was nuts. These masks leave your skin so soft and refreshingly tight. Not residue tight. Love them! I may have to find some more once I run out. Even had the hubby try one and he was impressed with how soft his skin was. There are days I love he’ll let me make him try beauty products so I can have a second opinion.

If you’re looking for a unique beauty box I highly recommend this one, only one box in and I’m really impressed.

You can find them on Facebook, twitter and Instagram!







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