Foundation February Extended into March!

Sorry for the late post the long weekend threw me off with both my littles’ being home. For ones so small they are a tornado.

With February being short and a bit hectic I wanted to expand out foundation reviews, I feel like I need to give more time to foundation.

If you’re like me you have no clue where to start there are so many choices out there. From BB Creams to Liquid and everything in between!

Here’s a few steps to follow:

  • Find Your Colour – this should blend into your skin tone,  the right shade will barely be visible. Best area to check alone is your jaw line. If you’re not comfortable with that find a part of you arm that is the best match for you jaw, which may be trickier to do. If you still having issues ask for help! Nothing worse then a visible foundation line! Always check under as natural light source as possible. If your in a place that may have a sample and ask for one,  take it home and try it out there in daylight before you buy!
  • Skin pamper! – Yup I said it pamper your skin! This doesn’t mean sheet mask before every make up application, even tho if its a big date night or a party you may want to just to make everything happy and moisturized. Foundation will show what its put onto.  My skin is very dry most of the time and without a good moisturizer and primer you can see it or foundation clings where making this look a little less that fabulous.  Make sure your skin is clean and moisturizer with your favorite face moisturizer, find yourself a primer that works for your skin then foundation will have the best chance of looking really amazing.
  • Tools you use – Find you’re preferred application style, fingers, sponge or brush this part is up to you. Play with a few find the style you love most for foundation application.
  • Concealer AFTER foundation – Again this is personal preference you can use it under as well on top. Doing it on top of the foundation will save you on the amount of concealer you use as well as keeping your concealer crease free. Pick a shade on level lighter then your colour.
  • Finish with preferred powder – find a light weight setting powder, matte or luminous powder that you love and set your foundation. Then head to the rest of your look.


There is one thing I haven’t decided on yet… do you do eyes before or after foundation?

I have always done eyes after everything has been done, more for the fact that’s how I learned. Sometimes fall out happens and I am not the most precise on foundation/tool use and be worried about getting foundation and concealer messing up the eyes. I still haven’t decided I can see the pros for first. I may try it one of these days. Its weird when you learn one way and cant wrap your head around another way.

Comment below are you a concealer before or after… eyes before or after? Any tips and tricks that you have for foundation put them here!


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