No Make No Life March 2017

Nomakenolife is a subscription box out of Japan. It retails for $29.99USD monthly with free shipping. Each box contains 5 – 7 full sized beauty items from the categories of skin, body, make up, bath and tools.

Now onto the box:

Theme: Sakura

Wayumeguri Sakura Bath Salt



This is scented bath salts smelling of Cherry Blossom. The little bath package contains mineral oils and mineral salts to help moisturize. Using this left my skin super soft and not itchy at all… scented bath salts usually make me itch. This was a nice change. Makes the water a cloudy pink so it feels like you are in the spa.




Ichikami Moisturizing Shampoo and Conditioner Travel Set



These smell amazing. The products are silicone and sulfate free and smells like sweet apricot and cherry blossom. My hair loves conditioner and shampoo so it was more like a one use shampoo but it was nice and fragrant. Hair stayed soft for about a day. I have thick, and dry hair so that’s pretty good, most conditioners just leave me greasy not soft.




Sakura Harenohi Hand Care Gift Pack




So this little goodie is a hand soap and hand lotion duo. Also cherry scented. Unfortunately its a bit to perfumy irritating my hand and the scent was very strong and encouraged a migraine. I really wanted to love it. but my body sad no 😦 .So needless to say I have only tried it once and had to find someone else to love it.



Gensen Labo Hydrating Sea Kelp Toner



Now this bad boy is kinda interesting. I’m use to toner that is liquid and slightly tingly. I know I’m not describing this well at all. It is what I was expecting… but… it wasn’t it was like gel. Just kinda gobbled out onto my cotton swap saying whats up. It was very cooling but a little weird at first. This one is scent free and alcohol free and gentle for sensitive skin. I’m still using it I’m not sure if I like it or not but it could just be the texture.


Sakura Hand Towel & Cleaning Cloth




These were super pretty and soft! The cleaning cloth is in my diaper bag and the hand towel in my traveling bag. Everyone is in their little homes waiting for me to go somewhere. Poor little things want to travel as much as I do.




Last but not least I think my favorite!

Choosy Lip Pack in Gold Pearl and Peach


I’ve already used the gold pearl lip pack , if you follow my Blog Instagram (which I’m slowly transferring all my Blog photos onto I do still have a lot on my other Instagram account) you probably saw the photo! These lip masks contain Vitamin E, Collagen, Hyaluronic Acid, and other ingredients. They are really cool just a little lip shaped gel mask that just forms over your lips. My lips were tingling a bit but not uncomfortably, just a bit unexpected. Lips felt marvelous after these were on and my lipstick was so happy, it just glided on happily!



So now to impatiently wait for the next month, seen a few sneak peeks put out from the company… could be fun! You can find them on Facebook, twitter and Instagram!

Type at you later!





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