Ipsy February 2017

This Box did not disappoint this month a little late for the review but its a short month. Its like a little bag of happy coming to your house every month. This months theme what #Ipsy Much Love. Have to admit I loved the bag this month, demin and orange, two of my favorite colours and so soft!

Onto the Products!

SOO AE – Sheet Mask Duo

img_7561So this month I received two of these and boy was I excited! Purifying Black Charcoal & Nature Green Tea, I have to admit I’m still finishing up the masks from my NMNL Box so I haven’t used both of these yet. I have used the Black Charcoal one, which was absolutely amazing, my skin fell so awesome. I put it on the night before after my Cleansing Clay Mask (keep reading its in this one as well) and my skin was so hydrated and happy . I haven’t felt my skin so moisturized and soft since living at sea level in England. Can’t wait to try out the other one, I’ll post it on my Instagram when I do!

Royal & Langnickel – MODA Fan Brush

img_7560This brush is super soft and amazing colour. The handle is an awesome rubber suede feeling texture, I know not the best description in the world. The bristles themselves aren’t huge which has been really helping with targeted highlighting. So more of a precision fan brush then some of the others.







Hikari Cosmetics – Cream Pigment Eye Shadow in Latte

This is a very coppery eye shadow with a very nice creamy application, which blends out well. Not sure I would call the colour latte, I hear latte and think a milkier caramel brown. It is awesome for an all over shade or just in the centre of the lid in a bolder look. The colour definitely does well with my green – hazel eyes, bringing out the coppery bronze flecks in them. Between the formula, the pigment and ease of use I definitely think I wouldn’t mind trying more of the shades they have to offer.

Absolute New York – Nano Liner Ultra Fine Precision Liquid Liner in Black

img_7568This liner is amazing, its the first time I’ve successfully made a wing without it looking like it was an inch thick and I put it on in the dark. It just glides out of the super soft tip, and the formula is so nice and the colour is just so nice not patchy at all. Just a note remember to store these tip down, didn’t know that and wrecked a previous liquid liner storing tip up. Super easy to use, a few YouTube tutorials and a stead hand you can do it. I admit the liquid liners intimidate me but this one just seemed to say here put me in your hand, you can master this line!

NYX Professional Makeup – Butter Lipstick in Ripe Berry

This has got to be one of my favorite items in this bag. I’m partial tho, I’m a Lipstick addict… This formula just glides on moisturizing as it goes. It is build-able, but should be able to cover the lip in one go. I’m never to confident of my skill so I usually put on a second layer just to make sure. Its a satin finish, with a creamy texture. Ripe berry is a beautiful shade of deep red raspberries. Just stunning.

Bonus Item!

Yes I typed it bonus item this month, I redeemed a few on my points for:

Freeman Beauty Infusion Clay Mask Charcoal & Probiotics (4 fl. oz.)

img_7562I have fallen in love with this mask, my face has been so happy. I believe its helping my skin that’s in such a mood this month that it looks like I just hit middle school. The product claims to instantly clear pores with activated charcoal, while drawing out oils and toxins, for a fresh clear complexion. good for all skin types. It has been helping most of the areas on my face, minus a few really bad trouble spots. Think they are just trying to win the war and are just hanging on. On the most part it has been helping and I follow up with a sheet mask after usually just to try help get moisture back into my skin. This is one I will definitely be trying to find up here!


So that’s all for the February bag, hopefully I will get the March Bags sooner, but until then have an awesome week!




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  1. Looks like you got some great items! Follow for follow?

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  2. Always up for finding new blogs!


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