Bdellium Tools: Brush Review; Lipstick Swatch

I was lucky enough to receive some brushes from Bdellium Tools( as well as a couple lipsticks). Some of you may not of have heard of Bdellium (del -ee-uhm; the b is silent). They are a makeup brush line used by a  wide range of people. They carry a few ranges of brushes that suit anyone’s needs, Eco-friendly , vegan to natural bristles. From regular size to travel.

Their company ships from the USA to Canada, which is a bonus. I have just recently realized there’s even a distributor here in Calgary! I was so excited, even may have hinted at the hubby since he only works a few blocks away that if hes ever stuck for ideas to get me just pop into WorldTown Cosmetics.

I was lucky enough to receive 6 Brushes to try and two lipsticks. (Swatches above) In love with the lipstick, they are the Matte Lipstick in Touch of Eden (Nudey Peach) and Dark Carnival (Purple). I have been using these alone, layered with other colours, dusted with shimmery pigment/eyeshadow. The cases for the lipstick themselves are quite awesome; they magnet together, lid and base so they don’t pull apart in your purse. That is where my Touch of Eden has been living lately. You get really good coverage with one swipe and last a while! Either of my Instagram accounts, if you follow, personal or the new blog you’ll have seen them being worn. If you don’t follow it pop over take a peak.

Now onto the Brushes!

Green Bambu Foundation 4pc Set are Eco-friendly, vegan, travel sized handles. This set I received is used for the cheeks and face area,  for foundation, blending contouring and highlighting and can be used from liquid to powder whatever your personal products preference is.


Green Bambu 953 Duet Fiber Foundation Brush

I have been using this brush for my liquid foundation. I am a complete foundation with a brush newbie, normally favoring a powder foundation or the beauty blender. This has made foundation so easy… and so much cleaner! They also sent me the Travel 953 Duet Fiber Brush as well … what is great about the brushes all the numbers mean the same type of brush just different handles.

Just put a bit of foundation on either a little palette (I used a top of a candle lid that’s been clean) or dot foundation on you face and just start covering your skin. I found for me a drag and bounce works well to cover any streaks on my foundation helped… at least til I get better. Picture above (don’t mind the lips they had lip scrub soaking in) is half face foundation so you can see the difference.

img_7825Green Bambu 948 Foundation Brush

This is a liquid foundation brush and says that it can be used with liquid or cream foundation/concealer. I have been using it to set my eye concealer with powder. Its the perfect shape to just press the powder in. All these brushes are just so soft, I think once I buy another 948 may try to use it with foundation and concealer.

I’m one of these people who doesn’t like to mix brushes with different products. If I used it on liquid it stays with liquid. If I use it for powder so it stays with powder. I foresee my brush collection growing in the near future. I clean them but in my mind it just says no you cannot put it in powder anymore .

img_7826Green Bambu 955 Finishing Brush

This brush is for application and blending of face powder. It is so soft I have no words for the softness. It has become the littles favorite brush to try and steal…

It does an amazing job and doesn’t need a bunch of product to cover and area. Amazing! Just swirl in your favorite face powder and swipe over your face and neck. That will help your foundation last longer then alone…

img_7828Green Bambu 957 Precision Kabuki

This is a denser brush, still really soft. The website says you can use it for blush, cream to powder colour, mineral powers or bronzer.

This one has become my one and only blush brush. The size and density is perfect to apply the blush to the apples of my cheeks without covering a huge area and just going all 80’s with the blush. Its prefect to also blend your contour and blush line. So easy to build up blush with, with my preference I find a few swirls in the blush a tap off and apply its the perfect amount for me.

img_7827Studio 968 BDHD Small Foundation/Contour

This has become my contour /bronzer brush. I don’t do the extreme contours I just add a bit of the colour so my pasty side isn’t blinding; give that healthy glow. Ive gotten so use to the short handles it occasionally throws me off at the beginning of use. This dense and soft and so easy to use.

I just buff a bit of colour into my temples to the hair line, down the hair line near my eyes and just into the hollows of my cheeks.

Brush cleaning: Websites says use shampoo. I have been using baby shampoo and swirling in the palm of my hand. Make sure not to soak the brushes in water as you may over time damage the bristle adhesion and they may start coming out. Had these about a month with atleast a cleaning a week depending on the colours and products I’ve been using and they come out really clean. The liquid foundation and concealers can get a little stubborn then I use a bit of make up cleanser… been loving the oil make up removers so just a swirl in the palm of my hand with some helps dislodge some of the gunk.


The finished look!

All in all these are fabulous brushes, easy to use, and I am not the most experienced brush user or make up applicator. For a novice like me these are amazing tools, simple to use, high quality and reasonable pricing. Not to mention the selection of colours. I get bored with all black brushes all the time. I love colour and these colours are beautiful.

I may have to go pick up some more for the eyes and have a play!

Interested in getting the Bdellium Newsletter? They are offering a one-time new subscriber discount (15% off) for my readers! I know right yay! Just click the link.

Until next time!

Products used: Bdellium Brushes, Bdellium Dark Carnival Matte Lipstick, Elf Foundation Serum and Consealer, Laura Mercier Mineral Powder Tender Rose, Benefit Cosmetics Hoola and Roller Lash, Dirty Little Secrets Kitty Pink Blush



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