Ipsy March 2017

I swear every subscription came all on the same day and have been playing with what I can before I post these up, then I see the date and oh my goodness where did the time go?! Almost spring break so the oldest kidlet will be home for a week which means, little to no make up play time. But a lot of mom and kidlet play time!

This months Ipsy theme was Tres Jolie, one of the PRETTIEST bags to date! I think I only had one questionable product, I know right!

Air Repair Skincare Complexion Boosting Moisturizer

img_7757Now this is my questionable product, but mainly because my skin hates moisturizers and lotions on my face, and I had just received one from a friend to try out that it adores and has helped my breakouts immensely! So I tried this a few days in a row and my skin just wasn’t liking it, and offered up a few protests in the form of some very angry red spots. It was a really lovely moisturizer, just not for me.


ModelCo Eye Define Retractable Crayon Liner

img_7755This little guy was good, bit tricky but more for the fact it didn’t seem like mine wanted to stay where I turn it out to… mechanism not actually formula. So that little issue was making life a little jagged on my upper lids. I have also become a big fan of the liquid liners on the top lid. Favoring this one on the bottom lash and water line. Its a deep black shade and formula is nice. If you like the crayons I’d give it a go, and up til a month ago I was a eye crayon only girl… sometimes you surprise even yourself for changing things up.. another reason I love Ipsy lets you come out and try stuff without committing!

Beau Gachis Tapered Blending Brush

img_7754This bad boy is super soft and easy to use! Its quickly my number one eye shadow blender! The handle is super light and not uncomfortable to hold. I’m loving this brush… now I need to find a good brush cleaner.. went from a few cheaper brushes to all of a sudden a lot of good quality brushes that I’m more willing to baby a bit.


Now we’re coming up on my two FAVORITE products of this months bag… and I can’t decide who I love more! Even tho I know for sure who I’m going to go to Sephora and pick up a full size of…

Dirty Little Secret Cosmetics Blush in Kitty Pink

img_7756I have always have had trouble with blushes either they’re to pink, to red… or extremely coral and need to be very light handed with. Then there’s this one which has in a few short weeks been the one I’m constantly reaching for. Being on the fairer side of this it give the most natural flush to the checks. Kitty Pink is described as a dusty peach, its blendable and buildable for whatever strength you’re looking for. Most people don’t even really notice I’m wearing blush just that I looked a bit healthier and alive.. I have been wearing it and posting on my Instagram if you want to pop over to look at the shade. I do put it on light to medium so its not really out there… unlike my lips most days.

Tarte Cosmetics tarteist Quick Dry Matte Lip Paiint in Rose

img_7758Now this is the one I will be going out to get a full size item! Its the PERFECT neutral for my lips, its not to pink but not to beige. Drys down fast and doesn’t transfer. Makes kissing littles heads so much easier… cause you know theres always more tears requiring kisses when you lipstick transfers I swear. I just adore the formula on these and the colours a few more shades might be in my future! You can also layer it up or touch it up without worrying about pulling product from your lips. Definitely suggest checking these out if your looking for a good liquid lipstick! I do have a photo of the shade on the Blog Instagram that I’m slowly getting up an running.

Well that’s the end of that bag until next month! Can’t wait! What will be in store for us next month!




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