Boxycharm March 2017

Its that time again!!! Boxycharm! Yay!

Sadly this will be the last Boxycharm for a bit, wanted to try a new box , so opted to stop Boxy for a couple months to try out something new! Don’t worry folks it will be back, have a box you are interested in knowing about send me a note and I will see…

Now onto the real reason you are reading this!

The box theme: Creepy Cute


Smashbox – Photo Finish Primer

img_7697This is a very soft feeling primer, but how to describe it, slightly silicone like would be my closest. Its a really nice primer, didn’t cause me any breakouts, was very light in the skin. I did notice some creasing, I’m not sure if I had just to much or if it just tends to do that around lines. Its a nice primer but I don’t think I would purchase it, for me it doesn’t compare to my favorite by Benefit that just seems to out perform this one.

Crown Brush – Deluxe Fan Brush (SS023)


I never thought I would love a fan brush. This one really surprised me, all the ones I’ve ever used have been small with a very thin body. This big guy is anything but! Large and densely packed its amazing. Picks up products easily  and lays them down on your skin with precision. I love it and its softness…


RealHer – Lipliner in I am Loved & Matte Liquid Lipstick in I am a Rockstar

img_7695Now I decided to put these two together in one as they are from the same company and go together. The lip liner is a beautiful shade in a very wine purple, and matches the liquid lipstick perfectly. I would suggest lining you lips for this lipstick as it slips a little when you first apply before it dries down. The liquid lipstick itself has a very nice smooth formula, in a very rich wine purple. I got full coverage in one swipe, it was quite impressive. Now there is one thing about the product ones it dries it does not come off. I did a transfer test, tried different wipes, even soap and water, and I was just a scrubbing. Even a Costco Baby wipe couldn’t get it off! For those who don’t have kids or use Costco wipes they can get anything out of anything or of anything. Only thing that it would come off for was either make up remover and scrubbing or eating and that that it was only the inside outside stayed fine. This lipstick will last you all day once it sets.  (Pictures on Instagram)

Naked Cosmetics – Urban Rustic Palette

img_7698These three colours pack a very vibrant punch. Super pigmented and easy to use and to blend. I love adding a bold touch to my eye or under eye and these have really been doing the trick. Definitely was worth the box this month just for that! Lets just say the green was used a lot for St Patrick’s Day.  Purple Orange and green and I have managed to wear all of these within looks or on lips definitely very versatile!

It was an awesome box this month! Definitely a box worth trying if you love getting a variety of stuff you never thought to try.






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