Daily Sewing Ramblings #1

So I realized I’ve been a little quiet on here. Between Spring break and plotting out content I lost tract of time. I also have been working on a sewing course through ICS Canada, Dressmaking and Design. It has been steadily going, and then I have managed to get the details from my final project.

To be fair I think I had a few weeks of panicking going on around here. Still working on my modules and working through them all the while trying to sort through ideas for the final outfit that I need to plan and design( finding patterns, fabric etc).

Decided the hubby would be my best subject for the project. Found some awesome patterns from Thread Theory Designs Inc. On a funky side note they do their own blog with sew along as well. Which I think will come in handy with the pants. I don’t know why mens pants scare me so but the do and the zipper has me scared!¬† So hubby an I have been wandering fabric stores deciding on colours and fabrics and such so hoping to take you along with me on that ride of a project!

Hubby and I are both sewers, self taught and not the most precise for making things. Hense me wanting to take a proper course so I could get ride of some of my bad habits! So figured what better time to start the sewing portion of my blogs then the last bit or my course while I’m planning and seam ripping my mistakes, cause you know its going to happen!

Til next week!


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