Random Rambling #2

So here I sit with 4 blog drafts partially started and a massive block on words related with each post. So there’s a tidbit of things to come. Been studying for my sewing course, dealing with kids and life.  Thinking a lot about the blog and direction I want it to go… make up will be about of it don’t you worry but may rejig the rest.  Too ambitious at the beginning.

Its finally sunny here in Alberta… after months of snow and weeks of cold and rainy/ grey weather. Managed to clean up the garden a bit and enjoy the outside world with kids in shorts yesterday.  Finally feeling a bit more myself and willing to re-enter the world. Hoping there will be a lot of changes this year. Settled on a profession I want to retrain in so I can stay home with the kidlets and work from home while being able to blog as well.

Is there any thing that you would love to see in a blog?

Plans are even being made for a prize giveaway, kind of excited about it, it’ll be a few months to acquire what I want. Keep a look out in the fall, hoping to have it ready for back to school.

Well that’s enough rambling for now have to go back and get all the other posts done… and playing a bit with said products …


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