The Struggles of Family, Summer and Blogs.

So just before my daughters’ preschool got out I had grand plans! Yes grand plans; and they all just went bleh this summer. I had plans to revamp this blog, find a direction, have an awesome summer with the kids and just have an amazing 3 months. As you can tell there has been no activity on here. None. Not to mention there is no more sewing/beauty room for me anymore *cries* we have two sharing a room and things were going awesome then summer happened and the world of content destructed LOL.

Now that the whine is over, lets get down to business.  I’ve been on a personal journey on here and off. Quite a few changes, one of the reasons I started this blog was to focus my mind and tax it again. Being a stay at home for 4 years has kind of made me fall into a rut and I needed an outlet of adult energy to cope with all the fighting, cuteness and diapers I was doing as well the lack of adult social contact. The other reason, and I wasn’t going to bring it up but you know what I shouldn’t be ashamed or scared to share this. I am in a weight-loss clinic at the moment that will allow me to have Bariatric surgery as a tool to help me get healthier.

It will be a year that I have been in the program and I have finally had a surgeon consult. So the surgery is finally in my sights. Probably a few month away but still a year of the program and I’m working hard to try to get better. Now as the dreaded liquid diet gets closer, I’m thinking this may be a good time to start sharing my experiences in a weekly/biweekly part of this blog of my progress. Just to share and let out my feelings, my fails and successes. Ive been looking at others videos and blogs for they’re experiences and its really helped me feel like I am not alone.

Well that’s enough for now, a lot of text, no photos, a bit dull but there’s an update for you.

Hopefully will be getting back to regular content soon! Only 1 month til one of the kidlets goes back to school and naps times are mine again… mwhahaha!



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