Subscription Boxes

Hiya all:

Figured we would have a spot for subscription box reviews that we find and try out. There’s so many out there now, you never know what we find.. I have a couple make up boxes i subscribe to that I will be reviewing for you and I have a eye on a couple fabric subscriptions that I really want to try out that will hopefully happen sometime this year.

So far the Boxes that will be reviewed are( and hopefully put up on my youtube channel) :

Click here for the company’s website




Fridays Off Fabric Shop (the one I hope to be starting -based in Toronto, Canada)


Additional Boxes that ship to Canada Listed below (UK hopefully will be found and listed as well)

A Mini A Month (Fabric – hoping to try this one out as well – also states they ship from Canada)

Stockwell Lane (Fabric – Ships to Canada from USA)

Quilters Candy Box (Ships to Canada from USA)

Sew Surprised (Ships to Canada from USA)





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